Monday, February 9, 2009

Will Ramiele Malubay Return To This Years American Idol?

There has been some speculation that Ramiele Malubay will return to this year's American Idol contest. There was such an uproar last year when she was cut, it seems that maybe they will bring her back in some type of role.

This little short Phillipine Girl really caught the attention of the World last year as she belted out song after song on American Idol. Ramiele Malubay is a very talented singer and was highly respected by other contestants on the show.

The week that got her booted was the Country Music week. But she wasn't alone. Many others had trouble singing simple Country songs, it just so happened that Ramiele was the one to go home.

Many are wondering whether or not she will get a recording contract. The producers of American Idol didn't sign her up from what I understand, but she is a Pop Hit in the Islands. I'd love to see her come out with a music cd collection of her own, I'm sure it would be a hit.

She also has many fans around the World, myself included. I would love to see her record an album or two. I believe she has so much talent, her singing will only improve in the upcoming years. I still look for her to be a big hit on the music charts.

Ramiele Malubay is a talented singer and one I hope to see more of this year. I'd love to see her have a role in this year's American Idol, but I'm not sure they'll have her back. If they don't, it's their lost and ours. But wherever this little bombshell shows up, I'm sure she'll do just fine!