Friday, February 15, 2008

Ramiele Malubay Makes To 24

Ramiele Malubay makes the cut to the top 24 of American Idol. She is one of our favorites and I'm glad to see the judges thought she was good enough to continue on. Ramiele Malubay has a long future in American Idol I believe.

Ramiele Malubay advanced in American Idol's competition into the Top 24. Ramiele Malubay was one of the favorites and easily won the spot in the Top 24 American Idol list.

The next stage for Ramiele Malubay and other American Idol hopefuls is the weekly competiton rounds leading up to American Idol's Top 12. Unlike previous American Idol competition's, these are voted on by you the viewer, not determined by the judges. No one doubts that Ramiele Malubay has what it takes to make the American Idol top 12. All that stands in the way is a poor performance or poor song choice, or perhaps even a bad night by the judges.

Ramiele Malubay certainly has a bank of songs to choose from. However, as we've seen in the past, some American Idol hopefuls do a poor job of choosing songs and this could be Ramiele Malubay's downfall on the American Idol stage.

Ramiele Malubay will need the smooth yet powerful voice to help advance in the competition, no doubt. And let’s face it. There have been American Idol contestants in the past who’ve made it a long ways in the compeition that wasn’t as talented as Ramiele Malubay. But we all know that sometimes it’s not the most talented that go on to the final 12 in American Idol competition, sometimes it’s nothing more than a local favorite getting their hometown (or home state or home country…read Sanjiya) to vote for them.

Ramiele Malubay has what it takes to make it to the Top 3 in the American Idol competition, the only question mark at this time is can it be done with a fickle crowd and can the song choices and performances go off without a hitch?

We’ll just have to turn on American Idol and watch American Idol every week to see if Ramiele Malubay can wow the fans of American Idol.

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